money money money

4 Aug


Fashion needn’t be about how much money you can spend on an outfit, we all know this but it’s well known that the more exquisite ensembles will cost you more, and the more exquisite ensembles are the ones that everybody wants.

However, when you’re perusing through clothing websites when you have minus god-only-knows how much money in your bank account, sometimes looking can just tip you over the edge and make you wish that you hadn’t spent so much money on non-necessary things like food and rent this month and had instead spent all your money on this beautiful piece of sartorial goodness.  

It’s not even that I’m spending more than I have, it’s just that when I do have money, I spend it like it’s never going to go away. My style is generally quite minimalistic; pieces that will carry through season to season but I get bored very easily, I always want new things and that, my dear friends, is where my problem begins.

I like to see my online shopping addiction as a goal setting exercise. I’ve never been able to save money, not unless I had a clearly defined product that I was saving for which was, more often than not, clothes. It appears that the only way I can actually make myself save money is if I promise to treat myself once I’ve reached my target. 

I think I need to start a weekly clothes budget, that way I might actually learn some self-control.  (Or maybe I won’t, but it’s worth a shot).

Fashion is not about clothes, it’s what you do with them, what they do to you, and how they can affect those around you, but sometimes it’s just nice to feel pretty in your brand new dress. 



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