5 Sep

Since autumn is officially here now it’s September and show month starts today, I thought that I’d give you a run down of my favourite trends for the coming season. 


With the popularity of Fifty Shades, it’s no revelation that S&M has managed to sneak its way into this autumn’s trends at number 3. I’m basically a 15 year old goth when it comes to black as it’s pretty much all that I wear a lot of the time and leather (ethical or faux of course) always gives an outfit that edge that everyone so craves.  My personal favourite looks were at Gucci who dressed it down with jeans and knee high boots and at Valentino where gorgeous, red carpet worthy dresses stole the show.



My number two trend for autumn is oversize. Seen a little bit last AW, this season it was huge. With fitted trousers and an oversized jacket at Yves Saint Laurent or a coat that double as a cocoon at Jil Sander it infiltrated almost every show in AW12. I personally was quite worried when I saw these oversized pieces as being only 5’3”,usually when clothes swamp me it’s not on purpose. However a lot of these pieces are subtly tailored which makes them wearable and I’m very excited about not having to worry about what I look like in a tight fitting ensemble when I can just cover up and get cosy in an oversized coat.



In at number one is PURPLE. Last season I was all about tonal with some brights, the season before was all blues and greens but now I’m obsessed with purple. I want everything to be purple. From debating painting my room lilac to lusting over Christopher Kane’s violet leopard print I am literally obsessed.

Traditionally a colour of affluence and luxury, its return is no surprise in the midst (and towards the end of) a recession where consumers are looking for wealth at much lower cost. Purple is so versatile; there are so many shades of it and it can be matched with almost any other colour palette. In addition, that everyone can wear at least one shade of it is another reason it has been so popular for the coming season. I personally can’t wait to get my paws on some purple.


What are your favourite trends for this season?


One Response to “TOP 3 TRENDS: AW12”

  1. Laura September 5, 2012 at 17:01 #

    Enjoyed this article very much, best one yet!

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