15 Sep

So about a month ago when I applied to volunteer at a LFW show, I knew exactly what it would entail and how chaotic it would be, but no idea exactly how much I would actually enjoy it! I worked at the Corrie Nielsen show yesterday afternoon run by Forward PR. Knowing that Corrie was a Fashion Fringe winner and had such an amazing collection last season, I had big hopes. Hopes that were met entirely!

The day began with a briefing, followed by a manic issue of press releases to every seat in the Courtyard Space at Somerset House, before an even more manic influx of audience to which our job was to direct them to their seats and guard the front row from any hijackers. 

Following the chaos we and the audience  were treated to some amazing pieces, from gorgeous dresses to feminine, billowy coats. Influenced by the Kew Gardens, the structure of the designs were based on flowers; from the colour palette (a heavy pastel and leafy green mix) and the tulip skirts on several of the dresses. The collection wasn’t all that wearable for day to day purposes but as a collection of beautiful pieces of art, Corrie Nielsen failed to disappoint. The show closed on an amazing gown which preceded its beautiful feather train, as show below…


If there’s 3 things I learned from the whole experience its that:

1) Corrie Nielsen is an artist, and an impeccable one at that,
2) I definitely want to go into PR,
and 3) Never underestimate the lengths people will go to in order to get photographed at LFW (one girl, wearing a blue wig, looked like Barbie crossed with Dame Edna Everage).

What’s your highlight of LFW so far?


One Response to “LFW: WORKING AT A SHOW”

  1. Akvile September 16, 2012 at 16:32 #

    the lengths.. not even entering sometimes. 🙂 I never had a chance to volunteer for fashion (just art fair), but once I was attending a show in Milan and there was a girl with really crazy outfit posing for photographers. When the crowd went in she walked away. And the same at the next show!

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