28 Sep

People who know me know that one of the things I most avidly support is the abolition of vivisection (animal testing to you and I) in the cosmetics industry. I refuse to buy products from companies known to do such things and actively encourage others to do the same. A few years ago the EU tried to make it illegal for companies to test new ingredients and products for cosmetic purposes on animals. That was until L’Oreal, one of Europe’s biggest companies decided to counter it. Now it appears it’s in jeopardy.

The thing that made me stop using such items was that I came across a video on a pretty hardcore anti animal cruelty website (I can’t remember which one as it was a while ago now) that showed the entire process of animal testing. It made me want to be sick. 

Lush recently campaigned in their Regent Street store by using an actress in the window having the tests done to herself. She was evidently in a lot of pain, and onlookers were shocked by it. Many wrote to Lush to complain, said it was cruel to put someone through that torture. She didn’t suffer half of what the animals get. That also made me want to be sick. 

So many people (my old self included) joke about it; say things like ‘I’m sure the monkey enjoys having a makeover’ and ‘Oh well so long as I look good.’ To these things I say:

1) The testing is mostly internal. Its feeding them, injecting them, forcing it on to their young. Most animals subjected to these sorts of testing have a short life span and such an awful quality of life.
2) What about your pets? Would you willingly have them cut open and force fed chemicals just so you could have a new lipstick? (Below is a photo of just some of the species that are currently tested on in the UK, 3 out of 4 of which are domestic breeds)


What makes me so mad about this whole thing, is that there are obvious alternatives to it. Huge companies such as The Body Shop and Lush don’t do it. Superdrug, one of the biggest cosmetic chains in Britain doesn’t do it and still offer FANTASTIC products at great prices. Up until recently, Estee Lauder (MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown to name a few) were pretty good for it too. Until that is, they decided to launch their products in China.

In China, it is ILLEGAL to launch any product to market without first testing it on animals. Its absurd.

I once read that 90% of products that are tested on animals and are okay, then prove to be unsuitable for humans. So what is the point?

I hope that reading this rant about the slaughtering of animals for cosmetics makes you take a look at the websites below and that all the readers will help the cause by not buying products from these grotesque corporations.


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