16 Nov

I’ve been on the hunt for some great gloves for a while now, but hate wearing them because I can’t do anything whilst I am. Texting becomes so difficult and don’t even get me started on touchscreens and iPods! I considered getting some fingerless gloves, until I remembered that they were worn by everybody in their 14-year-old Goth stage of style. I do like to think my style has matured since then! So imagine my delight when I was sent some of Etre’s Touchy Gloves to try!

Touchy Gloves are designed with the tips of the thumb and index finger missing in order to let you use your hands like you normally would, even in wintry conditions.  They come in several colours and patterns so you can match them to your scarf/coat/outfit as you like! Made from Australian wool in Scotland, they’re so soft and warm!

At £40, they might be a little out of reach of the budget fashionista as far as a pair of gloves is concerned but for the quality and warmth then I’d certainly pay it. It’s obvious when you put them on that they’ll last a long time and if like me, you have sensitive skin and are worried about irritation, then worry no more! I have a little bit of on and off eczema on my wrist and I really thought the gloves might set it off (like wool usually does) but they haven’t at all!

These gloves are perfect for my fellow bloggers! Because you guys will know better than anyone that you need to be able to use your phone all the time, whether it’s updating your social media or using the camera to snap style shots, these gloves are ideal for the working blogger!

I would strongly advise buying these gloves, not only because they’re super warm and practical but also because even though you can get similar for a lower price, the sheer quality of the wool is evident from when you first put them on. As far as sizing is concerned, I received a medium which fit great, but I would say that I have quite small hands. Given that they’re stretchy, this shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

Overall, the gloves are a little pricy in comparison to other options in the market and if you live in arctic conditions then you might want a little more skin coverage but the coziness, the quality and the practicality all make up for that!

If you want to find out where you can buy some of the gloves, Etre has full stock listings on their website here.


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