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1 Dec

Usually, I am an avid follower of the Vogue.com Best Dressed of the Week list and this week was no exception. Towards the beginning of the gallery there were some great ensembles from such fashion icons as Diane Kruger and Kate Moss and the majority of the rest of the gallery were also fantastic. My personal favourite was this nude Valentino gown as worn by Lea Michele.

I am a huge fan of her new, more grown up look and she looks so gorgeous in this gown. The colour goes greatly with her olive skin tone and the glamour of her hair and make up really make this dress scream ”siren”.

Lea Michele


And proving that it isn’t just the evening glamour that can get you on the best dressed list is Miranda Kerr (who is quite possibly the best dressed mother in the world!).

Miranda Kerr


My annoyance doesn’t stem from these gorgeously dressed ladies. It comes from the fact that Vogue seem to think that the following people count as some of the ‘best dressed’ people in the world this week.

Firstly, Rihanna. As I’ve mentioned previously, I tend not to be that much of a fan of Rihanna’s style and feel that she tries far too hard to shock and make ‘statements’. The outfit she managed to get on this coveted list this week is appalling. She literally looks like one of those girls that you see around university campuses who clearly haven’t done any washing in a while and/or are a bit beyond ever looking neat and put-together. Everybody knows the exact type of girl I’m talking about. This look looks like she has just rolled out of bed and thrown on her nearest clothes.However, knowing about how much time Rihanna puts into her style, this was a much calculated decision, which just makes it all the worse.



On the opposite end of the worst-dressed spectrum is Anne Hathaway. Anne is so beautiful and usually looks dressed to perfection but obviously isn’t going to make the same effort she makes to walk her dog as she does on the red carpet. In this outfit, she clearly just rolled out of bed, wanted a little privacy and threw on her least glamorous yet most comfy clothes in order to get that. This outfit DOES NOT warrant a place on the best-dressed list. EVER.

Anne Hathaway


I’m seriously considering writing a strongly worded letter to Vogue.com demanding to know why both I and the homeless person who sits outside Costa Coffee have not been included on their best-dressed list this week.


What do you think? Am I being too harsh?

(All Photos from Vogue.com)